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Virtual Pilots Association

Flying becomes Freedom of Choice

What to expect

Pilot Center

Within our pilot center you can easily administrate your pilot account, book and dispatch new flights or view your old flights.

Flight Operation

We offer all types of  Flight Operations. From Airline Operations, Cargo Flights, Executive Charter, General Aviation and Special Operations!

Freedom of choice

Any Aircraft you need, every Airline you want and any Airport you like. Fly with your CCV Callsign or any Callsign.

Simbrief Dispatch

In our Pilot Center you have the option to fully dispatch your flight via SimBrief, which is fully integrated.

Request your own Routes

You like your freedom? Just add your own Flight Operations as you wish. Whether you like Airline Ops, Cargo Flights or VFR Trips, it´s up to you!


We support  X-Plane, P3D, and MSFS X & 2020. Tracking your flight data is a breeze with TFDi Design’s smartCARS 3 (for Mac OS Linux &  Windows).

Flight Operations

Airline Operations

We simulate Airline Operations. Worldwide! Fly a missive selection of Routes and Aircrafts. 

Cargo Operations

You like transport business! We get you covered. Simulate Cargo Operations around the world as you wish.

Executive Charter

We fly the V.I.P´s! Jump in to Executive Charter and fly your customers around the world.

General Aviation

Cessna, Piper, Beech or Diamond? VFR or IFR? We add your Favorite Aircrafts you fly them!

Special Operations

Medical Transport, Police Flights, Fire Watch or even Military Simulation. We get you covered. Enjoy

Flight Ops Coordination

Whether you like to use what we offer or you like to create your own routes. Everybody gets the privilege adding routes and schedules, that can be used by everyone. 

Just Fly

Our Fleet

Easy and simple, you can fly over 250 Aircraft Types. If we don´t have  your favorite Aircraft, you just request it and we add it.

What we fly

We fly Airliners, Business Jets, Turboprops, Piston Engines, Helicopters and even Sailplanes or anything you like.

No obligations

We do not have any inactivity rules. The Minimum is just one flight per Year. But we are sure you will do much more!

About us

Mathias F.

President & Founder

Cockpitcrew Virtual Pilots Association has just one Staff Member, and that is Mathias. He was a former real ATPL Pilot and is a member of IVAO since 2006. Mathias is currently serving IVAO as AT-DIR & TC but also was formerly involved as Member of the Executive Council and mostly in Division and HQ Training Department.

IVAO VID: 211977
VATSIM CID: 869129


The Idea behind CCVPA was just to have an own state of the Art Flightlog and using as a personal record of online flights. During this process, it became more a Virtual Pilots Association, because a typical Virtual Airline was not really a fit. CCVPA is a mix of all fields of a Pilot, from typical Airline Operations,  Cargo, Executive , General Aviation and many more. Most important is…

Freedom of choice

If you like to join, you can expect a free environment, with no musts, no minimum hours  and without any obligation. Basically you can fly whatever you want. The best of all, basically every Pilot becomes the privilege adding own routes and schedules as desired. 

Personal Flight Log

If you joining, you can either use your CCV Callsign, request a unique individual Callsign on top and fly online or offline. If you like to simulate any other flight from any real based or virtual Airline you can even use the particular Callsign. CCVPA has no obligation to use the CCV Callsign permanently.

Ready to join?

Please check the CCVPA Regulations what are more some minor community standards. If  you can accept them you are ready to join.

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